Monday, May 31, 2010

Jesse's New Bike

Jesse built himself a REALLY COOL mountain bike. It's a Pivot mach 429 with 29er's (29 inch wheels, but that's what you call them when you're all hip into the cycling world). Before he bought and built it, I was like, "you better buy me 12 cruisers to make up for this one" but I've since changed my thinking. This bike is awesome. Awesome doesn't even describe it. I'm writing about this stupid bike because it brings the kid out in me. I always want to ride it and go off curbs and ramps and stuff. I could take pictures of Jesse on HIS new bike, but I'm too busy playing with it. Excuse the grammatically retarded 12 year old boy in me, but "this bike it totally the raddest and most funnest thing in the whole entire world, dude."

And here's a picture of Maximus in Bike Pedalers riding a bike in a a piece tux. Just an average day.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Visit From my Parents!

My parents came to visit us last week. It was one of the Top 3 experiences of my life. To spend the time together was well deserved and perfect. I had a bunch of activities planned, but we enjoyed spending time together that we didn't need those "space fillers" to occupy us. Even going to the local hippie store for groceries (thanks mom!) was a lot of fun.

Maximus and my dad swam, my mother sang "goo goos" to him, the amount of hugs and kisses they got were unreal, they "schoops" (shoot hoops), rode bikes, toured Lincoln, wrestled, even ate a few bites of vanilla ice milk, walked the beautiful Lincoln trails, hit the playground, laughed, talked, sang, everything. I miss them already. Oh, and since Jesse just started racing, my dad was in heaven watching him race. My father has been a cyclist for as long as I can remember, so this sort of thing was really exciting for him. He told me after seeing the race, the bike shop and our bikes that he wants to go back and buy another! It's addicting! Do it Dad!

My parents have 10 grandchildren. All of Maximus's cousins (and the one on Jesse's side too) are incredible kids. Before my parents visited us, they had spent a week with my brother and his family in St. Louis. I hope that we can meet my sister and her family this July at Mount Rushmore along with my parents. This trip was just so...good. I cried like a baby when they left. I felt so empty and I still miss them! I'm 29, not an 8 year old girl!

Now, these photos are in totally random order. I think they depict the visit from the finish to the start, but who cares? They are awesome!

Maximus sandwich.

Some weird little game my dad and Beef were playing.


Madre, Stacor Mundo and Padre.

More lovers.

Googoo, Mr. Barch Tree, Mundo Runi and Handsomer.

"Hye-yawr!' (higher)

His first time on the sand without shoes.

Normally when I walk Maximus and Jackie, I have my hands full.

Mother Dearest and me. How beautiful are the Lincoln trails?!

Mechanical engineers are excellent train track makers.

Lincoln Children's Museum.

Every kid needs a hat straight from Disneyland.

Barch Trees.

More train excitement.

I love this picture. The bronze dude is funny, but my mom looks so pretty!

Picture was taken by a dude waiting for the train to go back to Ohio. How we knew? My dad just walked up and asked. One of the cool things I admire about my dad is how he says "hello" to EVERYONE. No matter what. More people should do that.

My dad climbing over trains.


Game of kickball in the back with Grandpa Barch.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Where Was This?!

Jesse and Maximus must have been taking pictures of themselves one evening because I would remember taking this:
Like, seriously. How can you get better than this? Total hot dude and amazingly beautiful little boy with THE BEST HAIR ON THE PLANET.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cheese Ball

Chef Maximus in his kitchen sporting the ever present cheese ball smile.