Monday, February 24, 2014

Snowboarding at Brighton!

Jesse had a rental minivan when he came home and we took it up to Brighton Resort. The thing was loaded and practically a movie theatre!

He was stoked. 

He did well in his lesson. He needs to go more. I think I'll take him this weekend or next. 

I held Ingrid the entire time. 

She finally got down. But she wouldn't touch the snow. 

After we were done, we went to a restaurant near our house that was EXCEPTIONAL. 

We went with Trevor and Stacey. I call this picture "Stacey x2".

The resort photographer snapped this before they started. This is my new favorite picture of Maximus. He's so beautiful. What a fun weekend. 

Big loves mirrors. 

Frozen yogurt with Dad. 

Peanut butter toast after the evening walk. 

She perches when I make my coffee. 

Boys & Girls Club. 

Goog doesn't have many evening walks left in her. 

Waiting for the conference with Maximus' teacher, speech pathologist and principal. He's doing exceptionally well this year!

I took them to see Frozen. Maximus had a lot of snot that day. 

They are so bonded. 

Biggie slept through lunch at a restaurant. Unheard of!

Jesse and I went out to dinner with Ann and Kris and ran into other friends. It was so fun!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sixth Birthday!

He started off the day with his favorite- purple slow cooked oatmeal!

And "Winter Storm Maximus" hit that day!

Right before we headed to the indoor trampoline park. 

His table full of Jimmy Johns platters, Whole Foods chips and dips. 

Behold the Lego cake!

Ingrid sat with Sam the entire time and ate more than any kid there. 

I love cards! He got some excellent ones. 

He got a few Lego sets.