Thursday, January 7, 2016

First Hair Trim

We finally let Ingrid get a trim today. No length was cut off, just trimmed the edges so it didn't look so messy. She LOVED it and when we were done she goes, "now can we get smoothies and walk around the mall?" Stop growing up!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas and New Years

Big man Jesse carrying little Junie Toons up to bed. 

Snow! Beautiful, beautiful snow!

Just for you, mom.

The Toon is so crazy most of the day that she sleeps like this after dinner. 

Barbie Dream House and American Girl!

Missile was stoked. 

June was sleeping in the same spot that May used to. 

During the break, we pretty much spent our time with friends. 

A nice, quiet Italian restaurant and these two know how to act. One, because we've always taken them out and two, because they know mom and dad will lose it on them if they're not well behaved. 

New Years Eve!

We went to my friend Fiona's house first, then to my friend Tiffany's. 

Fiona, Terena and me. 

Tracey and I ended up smooshed with the kids on Tiffany's sofa last night. 

I'm so grateful for the women I've met here in North Denver!