Monday, August 26, 2013


Maximus graduated from The Children's Center this afternoon. I wasn't allowed to photograph any children, so I got one with his wonderful therapist, Eve, and his teachers, Liz and Ashley. His therapist, teachers, volunteers, therapy we received as a family and his own personal growth has been exceptional. That place is a miracle. I ordered cookies from Whole Foods and brought them in with parachute men toys. It's a sad day, but in a good way. That boy tries so hard and he's doing so well. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

School Shopping

He did a mighty fine job at H&M picking out school clothes. 

Love Date

Heather and I take the kids out and Maximus calls it "love date". These kiddos adore Heather. Ingrid wouldn't let go of her after dinner. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to Life Without Dad Home

Evening trail walks
Tour of Utah race!
Pretty with a butter biscuit 
We go for evening rides a lot. 
I finally finished that crochet blanket!
It gets used a lot. 
After school 
Ingrid and Lauda watching their brothers play football. 
The team!

Date night with my Heather. 
Oven, bread machine, toaster, stovetop. She knows good stuff comes out of them. 
Evening walk. He was struggling. 
So he napped the next day before school. 
She always wants to play and they ignore her, so she just watches. Sort of sad and funny at the same time. 
This morning. 
Coffee table yoga. 

Dad's Home! (For three days)

Ingrid was his little velcro. He thought she would have forgotten him. 
Jesse came straight from the airport to Maximus' flag football game. 
We golfed daily. 

6am goodbye hug before heading to the airport. 
Kissing Biggie bye at the airport. 

Recent Pictures

Blogger has been down for a month so I have a LOAD of pictures to share

Maximus and I before our date night. 
Summer pool parties. Ingrid's just there for the food. 
After swimming, he begged me to make red curry chicken. Okay!
Children's Center charity BBQ. His first time playing musical chairs and it was intense. 
Ingrid and Djani. (My good friend Sanela's son)
Maximus and Ervin eating cevapi and pita (Sanela's other son)

After school snack. 
Yesterday in our therapists office at The Children's Center. 

4th of July