Thursday, November 6, 2014

Settling in, meeting a lot of people, Jesse travels sometimes but is usually home and Maximus has good days and bad ones. One day at a time!
Halloween night we all dressed up and went out with neighbors to trick or treat. It was so much fun! 

Pumpkin patch!

Zombie Ninja and Doc McStuffins. 

The really good seafood restaurant near us is amazing. One server loves Maximus and let's him hold the lobsters. 

Sunday morning run with this kiddo pedaling by my side. 

Yes, this is first grade, not sixth. Wow. 

Ingrid shoveling seaweed salad and sushi into her face. Go girl!

Tyson lives right by us, they're in the same class and same speech class. These two are hilarious together!

New table and it's nice having Jesse home most nights. 

Bedtime smoosh with May. 

May helps Maximus a lot. She calms him and he needs her. 

She also won't leave their side when Jesse is away traveling. 

May saving the day for Maximus again. 

First night of Cub Scouts!