Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Maximus had a migraine a few weeks ago. He ran around the house screaming and crying. He finally threw up and fell asleep. He woke up totally fine. It was pretty scary though. 

Emma visited and read them books before bed. 

I let him break apart the gingerbread house. He was thrilled. 

Ingrid at the gym. After my workout, I pick her up with her hair done and nails painted. 

Maximus snowboarding in the backyard. 

Aren't they gorgeous?!

So unlike her brother at the pool. I can't get more than a foot away from her. 

Shopping with Heather!

Dress up. Constantly. 

He's reading entire books!

All snuggled together in Maximus' bed. 

Ingrid hanging out on Ann's stairs eating her third piece of pizza. 

More swimming!

Our evening walk helps us out. 

Snowball making champ. 


Bedtime books with dad. 

After Santa came. Ingrid calls him "Sampa". 

Our Christmas Day lunch. 

Jesse and his quarterback. 

Maximus was stoked on his new bike. 

We ran into my dear friend Sanela and her son Ervin at Toys R Us. These two boys are behaviorally identical. 

Riding a pony at a birthday party. 

Movie night!

Sanela came over with her son Djani. He tried to kiss Ingrid and she wouldn't give him the time of day. 

A bunch of the gym regulars went to a New Years Day party at our friend Steve's home. 

Another Batch of Random Pictures

Santa came to the Boys & Girls Club holiday dinner!

We had a great time. 

Here's what I love about my birthday. Dark chocolate and more of it. Vegan for me, dairy for the boys. 

Snuggled with Biggie!

Typical Ingrid. 

He LOVES his weekly math tutoring! We do it because he's at a second grade level!!

He finally pulled that nasty tooth out and put it in the tooth pillow I made for the Tooth Fairy. 

She finally went in the snow. She's 21 months and wouldn't walk in it until a couple days ago. But touch it? No way. 


I was so sick from arthritis pain the last couple of days. I stayed in the recliner as much as possible, bundled up with these two. 

Maximus playing with neighborhood buddies while Ingrid and I baked healthier holiday goodies for friends. 

Taa daa! Black bean oatmeal brownies (you'd never know they were good for you) and my spin off my grandmothers molasses cookies. Those cookies are devious. 
After four flight delays in Denver, he finally made it home last night. And the kids are like magnets to him! I can't blame them. However, I thought I told him to leave that beard in North Dakota.