Thursday, September 17, 2015


Little Biggie still lives to eat. 

First day of pre-k! 

New shades, from our babysitter. Geez. 

Animated much? I can't believe this diva is mine!

Every Wednesday is dance! "Mom, don't forget my ballet shoes and my taps because I do both in dance class." 

With her BFF Addison. 


The Missile is doing really good! He's more successful in school and with his behavior. He tries so hard and is doing much better. We're still doing many different tests for his headaches and  night terrors, so hopefully those will solved soon. 

Seriously bro, this is my thing. All day every day. 

His beloved bulldog still makes it to the park each night with him. After dinner, she sits by the door until we go outside and then she sits by the Burley until we load her up. She sits and watches Maximus skateboard and Ingrid ride her Strider as we push her to the park. Then she gets out and lays on the grass until it's time to go home. Although our puppy is in her final days of her battle with cancer, she still lives for Maximus. We have the best dog on the planet. 

Today Maximus and Colin asked May who made the better Minecraft picture. 

Such handsomeness and a bowl of spaghetti. 

May was happy last Saturday because her human didn't have to get up for school. 

These are two of my friend Jess' kids. Ro is the boy and he and Maximus have such a connection. When Maximus gets out of school, he runs to Ro and Ro runs to him. 

And then Ro's sister is in his class this year. Lola and Maximus ALWAYS mess with each other. Look at those faces!

Typical evening walk back when she could make it on foot to the park. 

Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft. I have to cut them off. 

Sorry Jesse

...and he's going to kill me when he gets home.