Sunday, December 11, 2011

All Things Homemade

Lately I've been obsessed with making little unborn Ingrid things. Jesse knit her a hat, I've crocheted her one and crocheted a soft blanket. I have to rest a lot and since we don't watch much tv, I crochet or knit instead. Today I made this in just a couple hours! I'm really not a fan of those oversized bows or flowers people attach to their daughter's head, so I might take this gigantic flower off.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Best Buds

Maximus and Parker. They met in speech therapy at preschool and thrive together. They are each others first true friend, are highly competitive, absolutely nuts, somehow work wonders in therapy together and hug whenever they see each other- at school, the gym, around town. They are adorable!

We've been spending more time with Parker as his mom, my friend, goes through chemotherapy and tests. It's a hard time for all of us, Parker the most, but we love seeing him act crazy with his bud. I love picking him up for school and seeing how stoked he is to see Maximus. If we do move from this wonderful place up here in the Rocky Mountains back to Salt Lake City, leaving his close buddy will be hard for them both. Sort of breaks my heart...but at least I know we won't move our son again.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Chef Maximus

The chef is in charge of making dinner tonight!

Thanksgiving and the Elf on the Shelf

We were thrilled to have my parents visit us during Thanksgiving. The weather was great, they saw Maximus snowboard at his best, my dad and Jesse went into the woods to cut down a Christmas tree, my mom and I shopped, my parents and I made a meal that was amazing and it was a great time.

Here's Maximus scarfing down breakfast at Amazing Grace Eatery in Breckenridge. That tiny restuarant might be my favorite place to eat. Two women own it and make everything from scratch. Most of the food is grown locally in Colorado in organic farms. You can literally taste the difference. Jesse had the best breakfast burrito of his life there! My parents, Maximus and I ate there before heading to the gondola for Breckenridge resort.

Now when I say that Maximus likes to read, that doesn't express how much he loves to read. Jesse and I read to him every single night as he falls asleep. It might be our favorite part of the day! Since it's been really cold, Jackie joins us in Maximus' bed to snuggle in. Here's my mom reading to him one night.

After Thanksgiving, The Elf on the Shelf appeared. (Google it) Maximus first named him Santa, but now he calls him Elf. Elf returns to Santa each night after we go to bed to tell him if Maximus was a good boy or not. Then, he flies back (maybe through the chimney or doggie door?) and finds a new place to sit for the day. Today he's sitting on a loaf of bread on top of the fridge. Yesterday is was about 13 ft off the ground in a window. Some days he sits on the fireplace, the hanging lamps, hanging fruit basket, even the Christmas tree. The above picture is my dad and Maximus searching for Elf the first day of his arrival.

Found him!