Saturday, November 14, 2009


Funny Guy

Tonight I was standing at the kitchen sink rinsing some dishes. Maximus was shooting hoops in his playroom. I heard a quiet giggle behind me and turned around to see...
This one is Maximus in timeout. He head butted me one morning and then hit me when I told him, "we don't hit!" He actually sat in his timeout spot for over a minute. When I felt he had enough, I sat down next to him and reminded him why he was in timeout and asked for a hug. He gave me a GIANT hug and a slobbery, snotty kiss. It was very sweet. And he hasn't headbutted or hit me since!

Friday, November 13, 2009


I've recently thought of the many things I'm thankful for and here are a few: my health, my family, my extended family on both sides, Jesse's job, Jacqueline's health, my friends, the toys we're fortunate to buy, Jesse's handsome smile that melts me, organic frozen food for Maximus during times I need to make him food fast, Lysol wipes, hot showers, wine, expensive bed sheets, a toy room for Maximus, Fletcher making me laugh at anything, my Ugg slippers and GUYTIN (grandma) WATCHING MAXIMUS.

Grandma came over today to watch Maximus during my hair appointment. She arrived early, so I had time to go to the grocery store alone- usually I run down the isles with Maximus because my shopping is limited to the amount of time it takes him to finish a granola bar. I went to the salon and enjoyed myself. Jesse was home during the afternoon because he had a doctor appointment, so after my salon indulgence, he and I had time to go to dinner ALONE. We had sushi together and it was LOVELY. We don't go out to eat much because Maximus lasts about 3 minutes before he wants to get out of his highchair and run around the restaurant. Oh, how I love dinners alone with Jesse. We can talk, take our time and not worry about Maximus chucking a cracker across the restaurant with his incredible athleticism.

As I get older, I am grateful for different things. It's the simple things that make me happy these days. Listen to me, I sound so sentimental...but thank you Guytin. So much!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009


Our Halloween was fun! We just went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood and Jesse's parents came over. We actually ordered a pizza, had sushi and hummus. Maximus was a monkey because it was the last year where we could dress him as a cute, cuddly animal, the costume was super warm and we couldn't find a decent shark getup. He looked cute and we ran into an identical monkey halfway through the night. Anyway, we were worried that our neighborhood wasn't going to have trick-or-treaters, but I was so pleased to see that the tradition didn't die here. Our neighborhood is so uptight and ridiculous that I thought the parents would make their kids trick-or-treat in the mall or do the parking lot trunk thing. (And the trunk-or-treating worked for a young Maximus last year, but not this year.) But no! There were TONS! And we even saw some parents walking around with a beer in their hand as they walked through the neighborhood with their kids. We probably had over 50 stop by our house alone-and they were psyched we handed out Play Doh and little parachute guys. The little boys would run away saying, "mom! I got a parachute man!"

We started out with Maximus in a wagon, but we weren't thinking. All our boy wanted to do was RUN. Jesse's mom always tells us it's a shame we never taught him to walk because he only runs. Maximus really didn't like walking up to peoples porches because he'd rather be sprinting on the sidewalks through the neighborhood. He could care less about collecting candy. But we did go to several homes. He had fun; we all had fun. He really enjoyed the time spent at home after trick-or-treating helping us hand goodies out to the kids who stopped by.

Maximus before we headed out. He had tired eyes.
Jesse, Guytin (That's how Maximus says "grandma") and The Maximus. The wagon didn't last long. Ooooh! I just noticed he's holding her hand. So cute!
Family picture.
Notice Maximus held his little Pooh blankie the entire time.
This is me dragging him to a porch.
Guytin and Handsomer after picking up some treats.
Team Handsomer.
Yes, I'm wearing flashing pumpkin earrings because I'm a dork.
Maximus pedal-kicking Jacqueline. My mom sent all 10 of her grand kids matching socks to wear trick-or-treating. Cute to know that Emma, Eliza, Addie, Mary, Bryn, Nathan, Eli, Jared, Maximus and Simon were similarly decked out.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More Maximus

Tuesday's "Shark School" was a little too much fun for him. We came home and he passed out on the floor.

This kid is eating pasta made from quinoa flour and spinach. It's a pasta that definitely needs sauce, but he ate close to 2 cups worth! I get so happy when I see my child stuffing his face with things that only benefit him. So pure!

Finally, asleep WITHOUT dodo in his mouth.
The other day he woke up from his nap saying, "mmmm!" and when I walked in, he was informing me that chewing on his sock was tasty.
Oh wait! I realized I still have Halloween pictures to post. They will appear soon.

In the meantime, here's a cute video of him eating. As a mother, I think stuff like this is priceless...