Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beautiful Brooke

Although her life ended too early at the age of 29, Mary Brooke LaChance will always a part of us. I've never known a kinder soul that hers. She lost her terrible battle with cancer last Friday. 

I love this one. She worked in the floral department at Whole Foods. 

Even during treatment, she was positive and always beautiful. 

She turned 29 a couple months ago and lived it up the best she could. 

Her puppy, Bruce, was her child. 

This was taken two weeks ago in Hawaii. It was the last place she saw. She flew home on Valentine's and suffered a massive seizure which ended with a medically induced coma. 

Brooke, you will be forever missed and loved. Thank you for making this world and our lives more beautiful. I love you. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Birthday, Maximissile!

Headed to his party. He was insanely excited!

Eating Jimmy Johns and a load of Whole Foods chips. 

His party was a Minecraft themed one and no matter what, we stuck to his diet and handed out organic candy. 

And then Tessa showed up. He suddenly got quiet and was perfectly behaved. "Can I get you a sandwich, Tessa?" "Oh sorry Colin, Tessa is going to sit next to me." 

Ingrid and Addison. They are two little princesses. 

Maximus is on the raft with the pink goggles. He had a blast! 

Here's his Whole Foods cookies and cream Minecraft cake. It was totally DELICIOUS! 

He's seven! Where did the time go?! 

I love this picture. 

Ingrid kept saying, "It's my bubbie's happy birthday Minecraft birthday party!"

Darian stopped by for dinner the other day. I made Icelandic cod and quinoa and these two gobbled it up in 45 seconds. 

May loves when Maximus has any of his friends come over. He and Ryan were playing Minecraft the other day. 

One frantic morning, Maximus goes, "Mom! Look how big we are getting!" Ugh. 

When your daughter asks you to paint her nails, you do. 

Good looking kid!

Doesn't he look like he could be on Home Alone?

I have such admiration for this kid. His super clean diet has changed him for the better. He's totally on board with it and at restaurants he tells me, "order me something without dyes or artificial flavors that you know I'll like." Salmon and a baked potato it is. 

He does still have rough days every once in a while. May is the number one thing that helps him. 

Our little beauty!