Sunday, September 22, 2013

Toward the end of the week, Maximus struggles. He was so tired at 6pm Thursday evening that our walk ended like this. He went to bed at 7pm and I woke him up the next morning at 7:45am. 
I bake a lot now. And it's for Maximus. He sleeps better when he eats a complex carb and drinks milk before bed. Whole wheat and quinoa flour pumpkin scones!
We love to feed the ducks at Fairmont! I pick him up at Boys & Girls Club and we walk over to feed them. 
Oh wow. The other day at H&M, Ingrid threw a HUGE fit over "pretties" (headbands). I caved and bought her some. She feels so pretty. 
Maximus made a birthday card for his buddy yesterday. 
He also has started copying books. This is the cover of Oliver Twist. 
The three of us yesterday. We make a good team!
Peter's party yesterday wore them out!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ingrid throwing a good fit. She was furious that I wouldn't let her play with Legos in the toilet. 
Maximus loves these things!
Our evening walks are so cool!
Neighborhood buddies. 
Sunday morning at Whole Foods. They polished off about 90 scrambled eggs and a gallon of steel cut oats. 
Ingrid had the park to herself!
He helped me make whole wheat agave banana bread that turned out freaking fantastic!
We feed a couple ducks after we get Maximus from Boys & Girls Club. 
Homework. He loves it! He has class homework and tests as well as speech. 
This morning. How cute are they?!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

For You, Dad

We had dinner with Richie. His family is exceptional, his home is beautiful and we had such a good time. Maximus was thrilled we had salmon, trout and quinoa because it was something he would eat at home. His wife and children are really good people! I'm sure mom will tell you when she gets home, but at dinner his wife (Kerri) thanked mom for our family because without you guys, Rich would have never become LDS and met Kerri. It was a great evening. I'm so grateful for everything- all different parts of my side of the family, Jesse's side of the family and the family he and I have together. I'm grateful for all life's experiences (good and bad) and the acceptance of different lifestyles. I'm extremely grateful for my religious upbringing, even if I choose to not practice it as an adult. I'm always incredibly grateful for my family and friends. Without either sides of our family nearby, I am lucky to have a wonderful group of friends here in Utah. I love where I live, what we have and what we work for. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Ingrid Gladys Biggie

Playing dress up with her friend Maddy. Oh man, never have we seen so much princess girly crap on her. And she LOVED it. 
Always attached to dad when he's home. 
Walking brother "buppie" to school. 
They both insisted they weren't tired. 
Boots! She is like her mom and lives for shoes. 
Pool party with our friends last Sunday. 
Reading books in "buppie's" bed while he's at school and mom puts away laundry. 

The pink vomit isles at Target are her favorite. Baby! Pretty! Shoe shoes! Baby! Puppy! Baby!

Oh hell no.  
Spaghetti for dinner...stuffing that face. 

Maximus Lane Cheetah Missile

He is so fast, he calls himself a "cheetah missile". 

First day of kindergarten!
He loves it. 
He gets to walk with me and Ingrid in the morning, and all his neighborhood buddies. 
Last days of summer. Evening walk. 
Already has his costume. I'm going to find a stick of butter costume for Ingrid, hopefully. 
He loves getting tackled by dad. 
Labor Day breakfast at Pig in a Jelly Jar. Excellent, real food. 

This afternoon he sang to Biggie in the car until she fell asleep. Isn't that adorable?!