Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Second Grade!

Let's hope this year is smooth!

Monday, August 10, 2015


When did her turn into a dude?

He was losing it the other night and she she just sat there staring at him. 

Even when he has buddies over, she watches Maximus. They are the very best pair. 

After a BBQ the other day. The band threw chalk into the air for the kids. 

King of the inflatable burger while the band played!

He had a sleepover the other night. Bad idea. He was losing it bad the next night and May knew to climb in there with him and do her job. 

This was his face before bed that night.  No Bueno. 


She loves working on her workbook each day and she's great at it. She's really smart and does so well in school. Today she came home and told me about constellations. 

Last night I was like, "where the hell did she go?!" And bam. Reading. 

Our baby sitter takes her to the pool all the time. What a diva!

She poses like this all the time. Good lord. 

In her "kini" after a BBQ with friends. 

Burger Queen for sure!

Biggie and Addison are BFF's

Also Kate. She's Tessa's sister. This is in her mom Fiona's yard- they were playing garden fairies. 

Ingrid's first sleepover!