Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ingrid's Birthday

We celebrated her birthday the day before since her actual day was on a Monday. 

She spent a lot of time laying on dad. 

People sent her the most girly things they could find!

We went to Benihana! We love Japanese Steakhouses. Ingrid will eat sushi and meat all day and Maximus will eat the meat and soup. 

She didn't freak out this time when they sang!

Sharing with dad. 

We were walking to the car and Jesse was reunited with the lights he installed ten years ago. He did that whole plaza. And I was working at the Hilton next door. We didn't know each other yet!

We came home and opened gifts that Fletch and Laura sent. 

...and played in the tunnel from a friend. 

Before we went to dinner, we went to REI and Jesse got me my first snowboard set up! A Burton board, Burton bindings and Vans boots. I am sooooo excited. 

Maximus is getting his new board delivered Saturday since he's outgrown his old one. We are going tomorrow AND Sunday. 

Ingrid's 2nd Birthday Party

Check out the over the top princess cake!

Before the party. She wouldn't really pose. 

She didn't like all those people singing to her. 

But Buppie made her feel a little better and helped her blow out the candles. 

And hey! Cake tastes great!

The above three pictures are only a bit of the people who came over. We invited a lot of our friends and they brought their kids. The adults hung out while the kids played. There must have been close to 30 people here! It was so casual and so fun. 

She stayed close to Sam and me. She opened her presents very carefully. 

She likes Luisa and let her help. 


Stop everything! She finally let Sam's boyfriend Steven hold her! He's so nice and she is so weird about men. He and Sam work at Whole Foods and their gift was on point! Organic cheddar crackers, seaweed and raisins! She loves all that stuff!

The older kids played outside most of the time. We ended up hanging out on the deck until sunset. 

Pink Strider! No training wheels used in this house!

Stacey x2. I'm so proud of her. She's had two major brain surgeries and is recovering quickly from the last one. She's still working on using her hands but she gets better every day. I'm so lucky to have known her for years and we live right around the corner from each other. 

Friday, March 7, 2014

The other day she said, "I miss buppie (brother)" and climbed into his bed and took a nap. My heart melted. 

Lego shelf done. Holy crap, he keeps Lego in business! That's ALL Legos!

Goog doesn't recover as well after the evening walk. 

Isn't she big?!

The sheet on the top is what Maximus does in outside tutoring. The bottom sheet is what he does in school. I mean, come on. No wonder he's bored in class. 

I got my morning coffee and and I came back to my room and she was perched on my nightstand.