Monday, August 18, 2014

Mary Brooke LaChance

My friend Brooke has cancer. It's returned after 11 years. It started out in her hip and attacked the bone, but we learned last week that it's spread from her hip to stage 5 melanoma in her lung, shoulder and collar bones. She is the kindest person I know, is absolutely beautiful and doesn't deserve this. If you'd like to donate to her fund, please let me know. Maximus made her a kick ass get well poster!

And here she is with my good friend Sam. Absolute beauty. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

California Trip!

The view from our condo!

Ahh, how I've missed California sunsets.

The day we got there, we went straight to the beach.

Maximus about lost him mind he had so much fun!

I always took seeing dolphins for granted but I was so happy that Jesse finally got to see some!

I've missed this!  This is how I grew up!

She only stayed on the sand

Maximus boogie boarded, swam and surfed.

Then we went to Lego Land.  WOW.

Ingrid slept while Jesse and Maximus went on a ride and got drenched!

Made out of Legos!

This is TOTALLY MADE OUT OF LEGOS!  It was absolutely amazing!

We finally found a ride Biggie was big enough for. 

She kept exclaiming, "I'm big enough!"

Lego Duplo Land!

Can you see how exhausted he is?!

This little girl was THRILLED to see her "Lego Friends".

The next day my parents, sister and her kids came and joined us at the beach.  It was such a great day.  We spent all afternoon in the ocean and then went out for dinner that night.  I was a kid the last time I swam with my sister in the ocean!  And my dad still goes steam ahead with all the kids in the water.

Aaaaaaaaand out.

New Camera Pictures

 We got a new camera and we were finally able to get a good picture of May running.  She's possessed!

We had a huge party last month before Maximus' surgery.  We had a nice turn out and everyone had a blast.

We got a bounce house water slide for the kids and most of the adults ended up in there too.  Here's Maximus totally stoked.


She mainly sat with me or Angie the entire time.  Party pooper.

I snapped this picture when were in the golf cart.  This is my favorite picture of Miss Ingrid.

She fell asleep in my arms so I let her rest while we hit.

With her Buppie by her side.

Pool party at Trevor and Stacey's house!

We love spraying him.

My three kiddos!

May actually swam but was exhausted.

Maximus sprayed his name with water on the fence.

May May. 

She's ALWAYS by their side.  Best loyal dog ever.