Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm eating lunch with Maximus today and I look over and think, "oh my, he's so handsome."


Sorry I'm writing this so late- things are pretty hectic and crazy for us right now. Christmas this year was great! Jesse finally had a few days off to enjoy with us. He took Maximus snowboarding and helped me around the house. I have adapted my mothers Christmas Eve enchilada tradition and we ate those that evening. They were delicious!

Here's Maximus stoked about snowboarding.

It was Elf's last visit with us. We really enjoyed having him around. See you next year, Elf!

This is after Santa visited while Maximus was asleep.

He was so excited!

Maximus fell down the basement stairs that night. His nightly chore is to go down to the basement for me and turn off all the lights, and he loves doing it, but on Christmas Eve he was excited and slipped down all the stairs. Poor little buddy!

I made some cookies for Santa that I've never made before. Maximus was taking a nap and as I started to make them, I realized I was out of some ingredients. I substituted a few things and these turned out delicious! I wrote down the recipe and will definitely be making them again!

Santa was at Keystone Resort this year. With his reindeer. This guy was SO cool.