Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Half Marathon

Half Marathon from Stacey Barch on Vimeo.

I'm sorry I swear in this video, I was running up hill with strong wind at my face and it sucked. You can see the guy on a bike behind me struggling up the hill too.

I ran my first half marathon last Friday. It was a goal I had when I started to get serious about running, 3 months ago. I've trained and trained, and running it wasn't difficult. It made me realize that I can run a full marathon in October.

I ran from Frisco to Copper Mountain and back and ended up running 14.1 miles. Jesse was on his bike and pulled Maximus behind him. They supplied me with water along the way and spent time fishing in the ponds that were along the path I ran. Maximus caught a fish too!

My run was beyond entertaining- when I reached Copper Mountain, a dude on a bike came up next to me and started talking. We chatted and when I mentioned Jesse, he said, "oh nevermind" and I was dumb to not realize that he was hitting on me! Ha! I also watched the long boarders- there were a bunch of guys on long board skateboards just flying down the mountain on the paved trail. No helmets, no protection. I even ran through a flood! We've had something like 200% more snow this past winter, so with all of it melting, there's a lot of flooding. The path had a couple inches of water on it and I had to run through it, so I ended up with freezing cold, wet feet for more than half my run. When I got closer to the finish of my run, I witnessed a mountain rescue for a missing person who had flipped over in their kayak. That was freaky and sad.

But I finished and my legs hurt. I did it. I have permanent damage to my left foot from arthritis, so I'm taking a week off before I begin training for my full marathon. It feels amazing to reach a goal and I am so thankful for the love and support I have from Jesse and my family. I think after I finish my marathon, I'm going to spend all my fitness time on my bikes. I have 3 really nice bikes that are in the garage all sad because all I do is run and ignore them.

New Crib and Pillows

We got an order from QBP (Quality Bicycle Products) today and Maximus told me the box is his new crib and the inflatable packaging are his new pillows. Totally safe, I know.

Now, he is upstairs, naked, piling the inflatable squares and jumping into them. I really wish I could post a video of him doing it, but I'm not since he's naked. It's hilarious. Little naked Maximus with his huge billowy hair jumping through the air landing in a pile of plastic with loud "pops" when he steps on them. I can't stop laughing!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Go Jesse Pops!

Jesse after his race yesterday. It was in Breckenridge and I thought he died when he finished. He crossed the finish line covered in dirt and blood, got off his bike and laid in the road. He didn't get up. His poor legs were done and so was he. He got up, swore, laughed, kissed Maximus and me, got a beer (actually a decent recovery beverage) and ate a peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat sandwich. He was so happy. I love seeing him like that. What a fun race to be at. Maximus threw rocks into the river with other kids as I socialized. I love it here!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jesse's WIN

Jesse is first on the race result. Go Jesse!

Racing here in Colorado is very different than racing in Nebraska. We have actual mountains, we live at over 9,000ft and the competition here is rough. Everyone here is great at racing- it's not just a hobby.

Jesse raced today in a large race with mega competition and WON!!! He is now a cat (category) 2 racer- last year he was a 3. We knew him racing with more competition would mean a bigger challenge, but he won! I started to cry. I love nothing more than seeing Jesse so happy that he's nearly moved to tears. However, we didn't know he won...

He started his race and within the first 1/2 mile, he was away from the pack (because he sprinted when he started- he left the others in the dust quite a way back) and saw a dude in front of him riding fast. He followed him and ended up in a parking lot! The dude he followed turned around and yelled, "I'm not racing! Go back! Go back!" After swearing for a bit, Jesse turned and got back to the path. He was convinced he had fallen to the rear of his category. He finished and I noticed no one finished before him. I really didn't think much of it since there are so many categories racing at the same time and different cat's finish at different times. The race announcer only said Jesse's name as he came through the finish line, not that he won. So, I stood there cheering him on and said "good job honey".

We sat on the grass with other racers eating our catered fish taco burrito thing (that was healthy and amazing!) and beer and when the results were posted, Jesse went to look. I saw him walking back to me and he was saying, "I won! I won! I won!" I stood and nearly tackled him with hugs. I AM SO PROUD OF HIM. What a stud. Go Jesse! To all of you who don't know much about bike racing, this is a big deal. Not many people actually win races and this is Jesse's second. What a guy.

Jesse and his teammate from Nebraska, Ryan Cech, before the race.

Maximus and Pops after the race enjoying oranges.

Jesse proudly holding Maximus on the first place step of the podium after the race. We don't know what happened to the dude who got second.

I am so proud of my honey!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Facing the Fear

Every night my dog barks at something in the darkness in the backyard. She freaks- there's definitely something out there that makes her furious. Jesse always tells me to look out there with a flashlight, but that seems freaky to me.

During my mom's visit (that was far too emotional when we said goodbye at the airport- Maximus crying hysterically and calling for Gamma Barth even 20 minutes after she left, thus making me cry like a baby...yeah, my parents are pretty addicting when they visit because we have withdrawals when they depart)...back to what I was saying: During my mom's visit, she was in the livingroom at night and heard something right next to the open window she was near. She was terrified. So terrified that she bent down to reach up and close the window above her. She didn't want whatever it was to see her and you know, attack her through the window. (Sorry mom, that was a hilarious one and I would have done the SAME thing). The next morning I saw a moose on my run. He was the Ptarmigan Moose, not the Willowbrook one though. (Each neighborhood here has a family of moose)

Tonight I heard Jackie barking at "the thing" at 10pm, like usual. I was upstairs in our bedroom and I walked to the upper patio and turned the light off. I stepped out and leaned over the hot tub and waited for my eyes to adjust to the darkness. After several minutes, I heard the moose noise. They just exhale loudly, no grunt, nothing. Just a weird breath. Then I saw "it" (not sure if it was a female or male) and you know, I guess I never realized how big a moose is until I saw it standing on one side of the fence and my 14lb Jack Russell Terrier on the other side. I only saw the ridge of it's back as it walked along the back side of our backyard.

It's funny to me. It's also so fascinating. My neighbor told me she saw "the big guy" near the freeway eating some grass today. Our landlord stopped by today (he is the BEST landlord ever. So nice, chill and loves that we love his house) and said the mother moose, "teenager" moose and father moose stop by his yard a few times a week. They're cool yet ugly creatures. I'm still amazed that I live in their territory and they feel so comfortable roaming around.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nick Jr.

I know my opinion on this isn't mainstream, because Nick Jr is one of the biggest channels for little kids. Nearly every parent has it on for their 2-7 year old. "Nick Junior- it's like preschool on tv" is their slogan.

Maximus would watch the channel Nick Jr once in a while. He really likes "Dora the Explorer" and "The Upside Down Show". I will no longer allow him to watch the insanely popular show "Yo Gabba Gabba" because it's SO stimulating! What 3 year old (or even younger) needs that much stimulation?! It makes me antsy.

I was talking to Maximus' teacher about tv in general. She said that young children are often over stimulated by television and can benefit the MOST from age appropriate toys or being outside. Now, when she mentioned being outside- she said not some little plastic playground that lacks natural grass, trees, etc., she means outside in the yard making up things to play with what's available. It not only helps a child problem solve, it's soothing, nurturing, healthy, his imagine and sense of wonder will thrive, and simple "outdoor play" reduces struggle, conflict and worry with little ones. She said simple wooden blocks can inspire creativity much better than any show can.

I really feel that Maximus needs to only watch an hour or less a day. We live in a house where the tv is NOT on during the day. Don't get me wrong, Maximus used to watch Nick Jr frequently, but the last few times I watched it, I was unimpressed. It's nothing like "preschool on tv". Nick Jr and mindless cartoons aren't needed for a little one. It's weird watching Maximus so zoned out when he watches cartoons. Lately, if he does watch tv, he watches National Geographic or the Science Channel. Turn off the tv and go outside!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ice Bath

Maximus thought it was cool to fill his dump truck with ice and water and have Grandma Barch hold his feet in it. This has been such a fun time having her! I want her to stay.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I love our neighborhood. It's beautiful, the people are beyond friendly, everyone keeps their yard nice, the dogs and kids run free, there's a creek, wild animals, beautiful homes, beautiful scenery AND a kid fishing pond! Winning!

The pond is stocked with trout each June. Maximus has a fishing pole. His parents both like to fish. We were all over that in a heartbeat. Jesse came home from work so he, Maximus, my mother (who is visiting...yeah!) and I went to the sporting goods store and got him his first little fishing tackle box. And the excitement begins.

Jesse showed Maximus what he was doing. Maximus was excited.
Jesse cast the line out into the pond. Maximus can cast accurately and we were impressed that he was only 3 and casting better than kids twice his age. But although Jesse and I encourage Maximus to do extreme sports, we agreed him casting a real hook wasn't an option. He's three, dude. Jesse threw it out and we all...waited. And waited. And waited.

Jesse and Maximus moved to a different part of the pond and WHAM! Maximus caught a fish. Me saying 'he was so excited' is an understatement. Then another. And another. AND ANOTHER.

By the end of the evening, Maximus had caught four trout and two additional fish got away. Not bad for his first time fishing. Maximus said the ones that swam away were the "sneaky fish". I'm glad we live less than a block away from the pond so this little boy can go fishing whenever he wants. I'm so glad my mom was able to see the excitement and joy of her grandson's first catch. What a great evening. I love family.

Link to the cute video of him catching his fish:

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Have I Mentioned I LOVE Living here?!

The snow has melted (and caused Denver mega flooding issues), the biking trails are clear and dry, everyone is out riding or running. Everyone is happy to live up here. I demand that each night after dinner, we ride on trails. So much fun.

Maximus and one of his teachers, Miss Kathy. He loves her, Miss Candace and his speech pathologist- Miss Kirsten. So sad today was his last day. The other parents and I had a big healthy breakfast and I met with his speech pathologist about his improvement. He needs to be tested for his IQ because she believes (and us too) that he is incredibly intelligent. Go Maximus!
We went riding last night. We found a trail that is cleared of snow and tackled it. Such fun living in a place with so much mountain biking!

Hahahahahahahaha! This photo was posted on Bolder Boulder's website. I can't believe how exhausted I look. It was only 6 miles! Tomorrow I do TWELVE! I must mention Maximus' other teacher, Miss Candace, who has offered to hang out with and watch Maximus during my long run tomorrow. What a gal. SO many sweet people up here! Can't wait for the family who will be visiting us this summer to meet them. And stoked to see Grandma Barch THIS Sunday!!!