Thursday, June 4, 2015

New haircut. Is he 12?

Last week of school with his buddies. 

I nailed it!

"I love the rain because I'm good at jumpin' in puddles!"

I never get tired of these two. Look at them! It's hilarious!

Mr. Boss Man!

Addison and Biggie!

And again!

Bolder Boulder

I did it! 56:40 and had a blast. Here's me after I finished. 

70,000 runners, so I wore these pants for my family to spot me. 

I was actually sprinting here but it looks like I was jogging. This is right before the finish. So much fun!

Missile and Friends

May is always with her human. Always.  

Last Sunday we cancelled plans to go do fun things and focused the entire day around Maximus' napping and eating schedule. And it paid off. He was absolutely incredible during his football game and was focused and driven. They won 12-0. Hey, if that's what it takes. 

Maximus and his neighborhood buddies playing with the snake. This one is for you, mom.  

Trying to stay busy each day during summer break. I took these guys swimming. 

Maximus and Riley. I had a lady say, "I can't tell...are they twins or just brothers?" Not even related!

Maximus had a terrible, terrible migraine last week. After he passed out from vomiting, May got up there. 


Boulder Creek festival! 

Ingrid and Addison are hilarious. 

May and ten year old Lola. 

Last day of first grade! What a year for this guy. He brings out my best and worst but I've learned so much from him. I hope he always knows that I'm his biggest fan, as I've worked relentlessly for him to be successful. It's so defeating to watch your child struggle, but experiencing the triumphs together make up for it. I can't believe he'll be in second grade!

First Day of Pre-K!

Go Ingrid! She's been on the waiting list for eight months and now she's in at Bal Swan Childrens Center. She goes three mornings a week, there are seven kids in her class and five of them are boys. She tells everyone, "I go to preschool at Bal Fwan."