Saturday, June 21, 2014

Miss May

Out for our evening drag. 

She loves Home Depot. 

She's a pretty Bully!

Loaf dog. 

And we officially have an AKC certified pedigree champion line English Bulldog! Who knew? 

Man, Jesse comes home and it's a dog pile in bed. 

She's always watching. 


Maximus' last day of tutoring with Nye until first grade. He loved math on Tuesdays with him so much!

Last week of kindergarten. I can't believe it's over already. His teacher chooses one student per year for the "academic achievement award" and it was Maximus!

Last day of school. 

Now he goes to space and science camp. We pick him up each day with May. 

Bulldogs are such killers. 

After finding out that he needs his adenoids and tonsils out, I felt bad for him and gave in and got his favorite chips. 

And we gave in and let him get a euro hawk with six lines in the side, because he's six. This kid. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Grand America

The kids and I have had a few really bad days, so I decided to take them on a mini vacation. 
Our view! We originally had a room on the 20th floor and I didn't realize I was scared of heights. We moved to the 8th floor. 

Headed to the really cool pool!

I ordered jumbo shrimp and the were the best shrimp I've EVER had!

We had spaghetti and salad delivered to our room. We were starving from the pool. 


So, at 7pm, housekeeping came for turn down service and she brought us dark chocolate and free slippers!

I tried to put the bathroom in my bag but it didn't fit. 

Out by the fountains this morning.