Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Oh Maximus. He built a ramp, hit it, flipped over his handlebars, smacked his head HARD on the curb, slid on his back and then his bike landed on him. If he wasn't wearing his helmet, he would have a very serious head injury. Whew!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Car!

We almost got an Audi Q5 but my friend found a loaded VW Touareg and it's bigger than the Q5. Stoked!

Anniversary weekend in Park City

We have never had a night away from our kids together. So we celebrated our 8th anniversary in Park City! Angie might be the only person on the planet who Ingrid would be comfortable with overnight. 

Our kitchen in our sweet condo. 


Second bathroom. There were two bathrooms and two fireplaces. 



Angie went for the evening walk with the kids. 

While we went to dinner and a bar like the old days!

The next day we went zip lining. I was absolutely terrified and cried the whole way down!

My old friend Ryan is the Director of Front Office Operations at the resort. I loved seeing him!

Angie took the kids out to dinner. 

While Jesse and I ate at my favorite five star restaurant. 

Maximus' new cut!

May's new sweater. 

Snail collector. 

100% on his first test!

Oktoberfest with Leni and her family. 

Leni and me. Woman has a heart of gold. 

Dinner preparation supervisor. 

Maximus and Dashiel on the first day of first grade. 

The State Fair

Before the pony rides. 

Maximus was thrilled. 

Ingrid was not. 

Hamster bubble!

And cliff diving!

Princess Party!

Can you see how excited and happy she is?! This picture cracks me up!

She didn't want to start off with pictures.