Monday, November 25, 2013


More "pretty".

The cold and darkness don't keep us from our evening walk. 

Making ornaments!

Dear Goog. The vet thinks she's pushing 20 years old. She's changed so much. 

Tackling brother before we leave the house is always a good idea. 

Headed to the trampoline park!

Ingrid is so little she jumped about a half inch. 

The blur of Maximus. He had SO MUCH FUN. 

After school and Boys & Girls Club, Maximus starts his night job with Sam at Whole Foods. 

Biggie and I took pictures while we waited for Maximus in math tutoring. 

The start of Junior Jazz season! He is so good!

Heather and "her" kids. 

Meditating at Whole Foods. He's so random. 

Yesterday we were headed out and Ingrid hides. I can't see her because she can't see me. 

Still can't find her. 

The relationship between these two is so solid. 

Goodnight kiss. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

She is far too young to be doing this already. 

She picked those ridiculous boots out. 

Before school. They're good looking kids!

Top of the Wild Rose trail in Davis County. 

Desolation trail in Millcreek Canyon. 

Day one of potty training. 

Taa daa!

He actually got her to pee. 

Aaaaand day two. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween parade at school with his buddy Dashel. 

We saw this outside his classroom. 

Ingrid the gnome. Her gnome hat had to be replaced by a warmer one. 

Saturday morning cartoons and snuggles while I made breakfast and Jesse slept in. 

Legos and edamame. 

Jesse successfully knocked out Maximus' loose tooth yesterday!