Sunday, June 30, 2013

Random pictures. Arts festival, friends, bbq's, family nights, etc. loving having Jesse home. He had a heart to heart with my parents on the phone tonight before he leaves tomorrow. That man is loved!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Friday, June 14, 2013

ADHD with High Intelligence

I have not wanted to admit this, but Maximus is. Only a few people have an idea of our struggles. The last two days for Maximus have sucked. And guess what? After our strict diet for him, he's done really well until the last two days- when he's been given juice and ice cream at school. He cannot handle it. Tonight he dropped Ingrid on her head in the yard and whacked Jackie in the face with a golf club. Most days are bliss and he's a good, spirited, creative boy and other days are hard. On those other days, I cannot bear to hear "he's perfect, just being a kid, you need to relax" because just like anyone else, he's not perfect, he's ADHD because he's incredibly more hyper, has serious aggression, anxiety and impulsivity than other kids his age and MY GOD, I cannot relax when I know my child is struggling. Maximus is highly intelligent and probably outgrew my own IQ at age 1, so I naturally want him successful at whatever it is in life that interests him. The school he attends in the afternoon helps him immensely so he can learn how to control his aggression and impulsivity. I used to roll my eyes when I hear ADD/ADHD because I thought it was a term to blanket hyper kids. But no, with bi-monthly meetings with his therapist at school (The Children's Center), my eyes have been opened and we have learned so much.