Friday, January 23, 2009

What a total rip off!

I sew dog collars. I haven't been making them lately, but I do make damn cute collars at a very reasonable price. I started making them for Jacqueline because I didn't want to spend $38 on something that I could make better myself.

I found a site that some chick has and she obviously doesn't specialize in dog collars, the bitch specializes in ripping people off! The collar below is the one she makes and sells for $40.
And the collar below is the one I make for $12! Do you see the similarities?! It's the same damn fabric and I KNOW the evil slut bought it at JoAnn's for $6 a yard!

I'm pissed! Can you tell?! I hate when people get ripped off!


Roundy Clan said...

I hate people getting ripped off too. Like when I want to start up my photography business I was planning on charging around 60 or 70 dollars for an hour session....yeah most people charge at least 150 and that's just for a CD with all the pictures on it....some people it's not even that..they just get a couple of pictures. Ridiculous!

Amanda Cluff said...

I have some of your collars and they are wonderful!! That is a total ripoff!