Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Week 15

I thought I'd give an update about my pregnancy. I'm in my 15th week, still very sick, but enjoying life. Since I can't run, I enjoy this crisp fall by riding my bike, hiking and being in the woods. Getting out is just so peaceful. I have to do it. (My hikes alone in the woods freak my mother out, but I have to for my sanity)

Last Friday I had a doctor's appointment. I had lost 2 pounds, my electrolytes are pretty imbalanced and my doctor discovered I'm hypoglycemic. But, everything else looked good and the heartbeat was strong! I've been given a syringe to carry with me at all times and to eat every hour. EVERY HOUR. That's much harder than you'd think. I carry the syringe because it'll help me if I am about to pass out from low blood sugar. My level was 24, and my doctor said she has never seen anyone with a level below 52 who was conscious. Her words were, "I can't imagine how sick you must feel". Oh I can! Anyway, I'm glad that was settled and I hope I feel better soon.

This pregnancy is SO different than the one with Maximus. With him, I ate and ate and ate. I was sick like, twice. I never exercised either. This pregnancy I am so sick, but I feel better emotionally. I'm excited for Maximus to be a big brother and he is too! I'm excited to meet this child who has made me emotional, sick, increased my love for the outdoors and drives me to walk alone in the woods and appreciate what's around me. Of course I was paranoid with everything with my first pregnancy, but this one I feel less controlling. We definitely live a healthy lifestyle and of course, that will continue with any children we have, but I've learned with my dear Maximus that head bumps, falls and swallowing buttons happens! I am SO excited to meet this little one in March. Maximus still has wonderfully creative names picked out...

October 21st at 11am is when we will find out if this is a boy or girl. Yeah!

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