Monday, January 12, 2009


I joined an online group of mothers because I'm dying here without any of my friends. And I hate that Max isn't around any other kids ever. Anyway, I was communicating with another mom and she informed me about the local library and the things they offer young kids. I've never been in the kids section at the library, so I wondered how fun it'd be for Maximus.

We went there this morning and...oh my god. It was perfect for Max, although he was the youngest there. All the other kids were at least 14 months, but Max being 11 months, was their same height and he could walk and play just as well. A librarian got up and read a story about bears and she even had Max's complete attention. She couldn't get over at how well he focused during the story and I couldn't either! I even broke down and let Maximus eat a few of the Teddy Grahams the librarian was handing out. I cringed, but hell, he can have sugar maybe on holidays and at the library. Maybe.

After the story, all the kids just played. The kids section at the library was separate and was just as big as the rest of the library. I was so impressed. They had a gigantic railroad with trains, a decent sized kids kitchen, about 15 stuffed animals that were at least 5 feet tall, a wall of puzzles, toys and a room that was like a mini Gymboree. Max was such a friend to all the other kids. He's really into giving Jesse and I hugs and he offers the dogs hugs as well. The other parents were laughing at how Maximus walked up to other kids and gave them hugs. One kid took Max's dodo out of his mouth and put it in his. We threw that one away.

It was so nice to hang out and talk with other moms. Not only do I miss my friends back in Salt Lake, I miss talking to my friends who are also parents. And I miss the things a big city has to offer. As you can tell, I can't wait to move back and we finally are! I think Max and I will go to the library at least twice a week and I'm actually going to join the M.O.P.S. here. (Mothers of PreSchoolers) They meet every Friday at 9am and it's for kids who are as young as Max. Why not? It's not like socializing yourself and your kid is a bad thing. I'm all about it now. It's cool that he's the age where he likes to be around other kids to play.


Roundy Clan said...

WOW! I wish our library was THAT cool. We just have story time once a week but once we started doing that Tyler loves it. They have puzzles and stuffed animals and computers for them and when they do story time they always have a craft for them that goes along with the book that gets read to them. It's nice. I hope you like your preschoolers group! It is so much nicer when you know a couple of people. ( sorry this comment was more like a short story! haha )

Amanda Cluff said...

Wow! That sounds so fun! You are moving back??? When?? Where will you live??